HPV, or the human papillomavirus is the main contributing factor to genital warts. This condition is the most common sexually transmitted disease among millions of individuals. Many people go for years not knowing the virus is present in their body. Sexually active individuals should ask their health care provider, during their physical exam to check for the disease. The disease can affect both men and women. Genital warts can be found usually on moist areas of the genitals. The disease is a very contagious disease; this means it is easily spread from one partner to the other.

Warts may appear small, but may multiply in number, and look like a cauliflower. The bumps are usually the same color as a person’s flesh. Genital warts can appear in the anus and throat area as well; they can also affect a person’s respiratory system. Warts can affect more than one location at a time.

The disease has been linked to cervical cancer. There are methods of treatment used for treating the disease.
There are some symptoms that the condition is present, but a proper diagnosis will have to be made by a health care provider. Some of the symptoms a person may experience are itching, and uncomfortable feeling in the genital, or anus area. A person may also experience pain during sexual intercourse, and swelling of fleshy, or gray bumps in the genital area. But symptoms do not always appear in individuals, and the bumps may not be visible.hpv visur

Protection during sexual contact does not always protect an individual from acquiring the infection. The disease can also be passed through oral sex. Since, warts can appear in areas that cannot be protected, it can still easily spread. There are treatments for the human papillomavirus, but the treatment has to be taken before an individual get the disease. Individuals can talk to their health care provider about which treatment will work best for them.

Individuals, who suspect they have genital warts, should be tested for the condition as soon as possible; this involves making an appointment with their health care professional. Most genital warts are treatable with medication, and some can be frozen off. Individuals should avoid touching, squeezing, and causing the warts to bleed; this can cause them to spread and cause trauma to the area.


The human papillomavirus is a very serious condition; individuals should take the proper precautions not to spread it to their partner, or anyone else.