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Chest Diseases

#PositionName Phone Mobile Phone Number Fax
1 MBBS (DMC), FCPS (Medicine) D-Card, DTCD Dr. A.F.M. Saidur Rahman 9672277, 9664028, 9664029, 9676161, 9674535, 9675674 88-02-882649
2 MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), MD (Chest) Dr. Md. Ali Hossain 9674114 01715603666, 01715602115-6
3 MBBS,FCPS,MD,DTCD,FACR(USA) Dr. Minhaj Rahim Chowdhury 9672277,9676161 01727-603815 880-2-9675674
4 MBBS,FCPS,DTCD,D-Card Dr. G.C. Biswas 041-720081 01718-233258,01911-417859



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