* Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) sometimes called Holy Basil is likely one of the so much sacred vegetation in India, and It’s regularly stored in courtyards and homes for its purifying and a good idea affect on its environment. It strengthens digestion and helps right kind weight control. Tulsi bolsters the immune device and comes in handy for keeping up a typical frame temperature. Extremely satvik in nature, it heightens consciousness and promotes psychological readability. It’s stated to open the center and thoughts and bestow the power of affection and devotion. * * * This product is organically grown and processed in keeping with the USDA’s Nationwide Natural Software (NOP). Our Challenge: ‘SARVE SANTU NIRAMAYA’ Permit everyone at the universe be wholesome and some distance from any sickness. We satisfy our Challenge by means of: Generating the best quality Ayurvedic merchandise the use of qualified Natural herbs which are sustainably sourced and relatively traded. Teaching, inspiring and motivating our consumers by means of growing top quality, tutorial content material. Offering superb customer support and warranted delight. Approximately Us: Simply Jaivik merchandise are grown certainly with out use of chemical substances and components. Our processors take care that each product is processed within the purest shape and packaged hygienically with absolute best requirements, That can assist you get the most productive high quality. Simply Jaivik merchandise carry you nearer to nature and mom earth. We imagine in earning profits to our consumers by means of making them more healthy.*