Metatarsal Felt Foot Pad Skived Cut (1/4″ Thick) – 6 Pairs (12 Pieces)

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Metatarsal Felt Foot Pad Skived Cut (1/4″ Thick) – 6 Pairs (12 Pieces) Price: $15.99 (as of 28/09/2022 22:37 PST- Details)

Comfortably fits under the ball of your foot – Place behind second and third metatarsal heads to eliminate pressure
Alleviate stabbing foot pain caused by neuromas
Adhesive back to keep it from shifting


A much broader ball of foot pad (aka metatarsal pad or metatarsal cookie) to assist alleviate power throughout all the ball of the foot. Additionally nice for serving to to stop the foot from slidng ahead in footwear. Self-adhesive backing permits the pad to stick securely in Position. The Skived metatarsal pads are roughly 2.25 inches at their widest and 2.75 inches in period.

Skived Metatarsal pads are used for a lot of foot issues like ache within the ball of the price, neuromas, calluses, IPks, Painful scars, and loss of a plantar fats pad. Skived Metatarsal pads splay and offload the metatarsal heads. This reduces the power around the ball of the foot and within the nerves among the metatarsal heads. The skived metatarsal pad has little much less bulk making just a little higher tolerated at the same time as the non-skived reduce provides just a little extra impact. Right kind placement of the pad is very important to succeed in the healing aid from any of the above prerequisites. Skived metatarsal pads will also be positioned within the insole, beneath the insole or instantly at the foot.
Easily suits beneath the ball of your foot – Position at the back of 2d and 3rd metatarsal heads to get rid of power
Alleviate stabbing foot ache as a result of neuromas
Adhesive again to stay it from transferring
Skived layout (edges contoured) with adhesive backes.
Made In america

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