OptiWand Soft Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Tool. It Will Help Pinch The Soft Lens. This is not a Suction Cup for…

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OptiWand Soft Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Tool. It Will Help Pinch The Soft Lens. This is not a Suction Cup for…

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OptiWand inserts and removes soft contact lenses but takes practice and patience. Scroll down for instructional videos. Use only as directed.
This is not a suction cup for soft contact lens removal. It will help to pinch the soft lens. Soft lenses cannot be suctioned out due to their composition.
Insertion process must be completed quickly to avoid lens sticking to the wand.


https://www.amazon.com/retail outlets/web page/473E5C59-86D3-43CF-93DF-D4400344C1BF to view educational movies! OptiWand – Final Comfortable Touch Lens Insertion & Removing Instrument. This may increasingly permit just about someone to insert and Take away their Comfortable Touch lens with a few apply and endurance. Nice for all novice’s who’re suffering and wired. Insert Comfortable Touch lenses via specializing in the CENTER hollow or Touch lens at the wand. Don’t glance up because the curvature of the attention isn’t the similar. Whenever you acquire trust you are going to insert effectively. Throughout insertion you’ll be able to Twist the OptiWand relatively after it touches the attention to assist liberate the Comfortable lens. Take away Comfortable Touch lenses via PINCHING them with OptiWand like so much do recently with their palms. Additionally insert higher lenses and a few hybrids. It isn’t an entire closed cup so It’s going to now not Take away laborious or sclera lenses. Vintage behavior of taking a look up or down will make this not possible to make use of. . This is applicable Touch lenses straight away to the cornea the place they sit down securely as designed. Incorrect use of Touch lenses might result in infections and worse. Very long time Touch lens customers have behavior that can make this tough to make use of so if you can’t forestall taking a look up Throughout insertion or assuming this can be a suction cup for Removing It’s going to now not give you the results you want!
OptiWand inserts and gets rid of Comfortable Touch lenses however takes apply and endurance. Scroll down for educational movies. Use best as directed.
This isn’t a suction cup for Comfortable Touch lens Removing. It’s going to assist to pinch the Comfortable lens. Comfortable lenses can’t be suctioned out because of their composition.
Insertion procedure will have to be finished temporarily to keep away from lens sticking to the wand.
The OptiWand is designed to carry the lens till put on cornea Throughout insertion. Take a look at heart hollow coloured wand or Touch lens to align the lens correctly. Whilst the lens touches the attention, twist the wand relatively to liberate the lens from wand.
The OptiWand purposes a lot other than palms and the similar errors are made via just about all customers. It isn’t a suction cup for Comfortable lens Removing.

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