Enhance circulate, calm down the frame, relieve ache and pressure with those 24k gold plated magnetic Ear Seeds 24K GOLD PLATED MAGNETS PLACED ON PRESSURE POINTS OF THE EAR WHICH SEND SIGNALS TO THE REFLEX CENTERS OF THE BRAIN TO RELAX THE NERVOUS SYSTEM AND REGULATE THE BODY The precise anatomy of the ear makes it distinctive amongst micro-programs and is helping give an explanation for why ear seeds paintings. To start out, the ear is enervated by means of 4 nerves, so much for the sort of small construction. The running idea is that making use of force to the exterior ear stimulates those nerves, which relay to the significant apprehensive device, stimulating neurotransmitters that calm down and cut back ache. Stimulation of the force issues create a real mind interpretation stimulation of the particular frame section, beginning up a option to simply paintings with such a lot of inner frame systems the usage of simply the exterior ear. Magnetic ear seeds had been proven to Enhance peripheral blood circulate, handing over extra oxygen and vitamins right through the frame. Analysis has additionally discovered that systemic endorphins and enkephalins, our herbal analgesics/painkillers, are increased after remedy. The changed protocol indexed is utilized in battlefields to lend a hand squaddies coping with ache, nervousness, PTSD and extra. POINT PROTOCOL SHEN MEN- grounds the affected person and calms the spirit, therefore striking the affected person right into a state of receptivity POINTG ZERO -brings all the frame into steadiness. It balances power, mind process, and hormones. HEART POINT-Highest for power whilst additionally calming nervousness and enjoyable muscle tissues. Regulates blood float and balances feelings. BRAIN POINT -Balances our mind chemistry and controls ache belief, motion and the correct functioning of all organs. ENDOCRINE POINT- Sometimes called our hormone regulator, regulates the endocrine glands wanted for homeostasis of the inner physically setting.