At the beginning of this decade, home computer games became a huge phenomenon. This has led to the notion that computers games are mainly suitable for children and as a result, the rule has been enforced that all children have to play in front of their parents.

Disadvantages of Computer Games For Children

But there is a disadvantage to this. While many parents do believe that playing in front of their children would keep their children safer and away from mischief-makers, there is also a disadvantage that it actually helps children of all ages to learn how to behave in certain situations. Many children have become well-behaved after playing computers games in front of their parents.

And parents don’t just want to send their children to computer games and computers. There are other alternatives, which should be considered instead of banishing children to the computer.

The first disadvantage is that, most of the games that children play to have very minimal computer capabilities. The graphics, however, are clear and there are different options available for the player to choose. To solve puzzles and move objects around, children can access online assistance or the manual for help.

Another disadvantage is that parents have to pay the full price of every game that their child buys. It is frustrating when a child pays for a full-priced game and you only get the screen shot of the game. If you try to download it later on, the price may still be charged.

Another disadvantage is that children spend less time with their parents. Many children who regularly play computer games at home do not spend more time with their parents. Although they have been taught to respect the family-based values, they also prefer playing games at home.

A lot of children prefer to play games at home to going to school or activities that require interaction with other children. However, parents must give their children time and space to interact with each other.

Loosing real life interest

A disadvantage of computer gaming at home is that children may lose interest in the games they are playing because the graphics are so simple. They also lose the sense of urgency that was present when they were outdoors.

An advantage of playing computer games at home is that children do not have to feel like they are “missing out” if they do not have the game on at home. Parents do not have to worry about whether the child wants to play in front of their parents, or whether the child likes the latest blockbuster.

Child bad behavior – disadvantage of computer games

Another disadvantage is that, children are more likely to take up bad habits as a result of computer games. Not being able to physically see the game is one of the biggest reasons why kids do not think before acting.

Another disadvantage is that children tend to become bored with certain games. As a result, they are more likely to abandon the games and seek out new challenges.

Finally, it is possible that parents will be better able to monitor their children’s computer usage by having a parent present during it. This is especially true if the parents are the ones paying for the computer.