10 items consistent with box
Each burning moxa cone can closing for approximately 1 hour.
Subject matter:Natural moxa wool
Chemical substances:no chemicals
one hundred% emblem new

Our strengths:
1. Undertake top class vintage mugwort leaf
2. Produced in reasonable fire
3. Just right penetration
4. Environmental friendly
5. Successfully deal with illness
6. Poison-free
7. Natural smoke color
Purposes: Relieving ache and tension Serving to to sleep Serving to to ease the chilly of uterus as a way to relieve menstrual cramps Expelling pathogenic chilly Replenishing power and spirit Activating blood flow Keeping up the spleen and Abdomen Bettering indigestion and different symptoms

Apply to:
Abnormal menstruation
Periarthritis humeroscapularis
Lumbar muscle strain
Leg ache
Bulging Disc
Abdomen chilly pain
Cough and dyspnea
Facial paralysis