Simply jaivik’s Natural haritaki powder is an excellent strategy to benefit from the restorative houses of haritaki in an simply-absorbable powder shape. Natural haritaki powder is made by means of drying and grinding the small, nut-like fruit of the one hundred% Natural haritaki (terminalia chebula) tree, a deciduous tree local to southern asia. Referred to as the “king of medication” in tibet, each a part of the Natural haritaki fruit possesses therapeutic houses, from its mushy pulp to its seeds and peel. Excluding its talent to steadiness all 3 doshas, Natural haritaki powder is vital in ayurvedic medication as it possesses 5 of the six tastes – missing handiest saltiness. In ayurveda, Natural haritaki powder may be stated to have astringent and heating houses, making it a pass-to for soothing digestive issues and keeping up a wholesome center. This product is organically grown and processed in response to the usda’s nationwide Natural software (nop).Our undertaking: ‘sarve santu niramaya’ permit everyone at the universe be wholesome and a ways from any sickness. We satisfy our undertaking by means of: generating the very best quality ayurvedic merchandise the usage of qualified Natural herbs which can be sustainably sourced and moderately traded. Instructing, inspiring and motivating our shoppers by means of developing prime quality, tutorial content material. Offering superb customer support and assured pleasure. Approximately us: Simply jaivik merchandise are grown obviously with out use of chemical compounds or components. Our processors take care that each product is processed within the purest shape and packaged hygienically with perfect requirements, that will help you get the most productive high quality. Simply jaivik merchandise carry you nearer to nature and mom earth. We consider in making a living to our shoppers by means of making them fitter