Material: flannel
Color: brown
Quantity: 264 items|items}} (24 sheets)

Package contains|incorporates|comprises}:
264 x Flannel adhesive pads

How to make use of|to make use of}}
1.Tear off a work|a piece} of appropriate|appropriate} pad
2. Positioned|Positioned|Situated} the fitting|the best|the most productive|the right kind|the proper|the suitable|the suitable|the proper} pad at the|on the} {appropriate|appropriate}} position|position}} of pores and skin|pores and pores and skin}} or footwear|sneakers|footwear|shoes|sneakers|footwear|shoes}

Warm Understand|Notice|Remember}:
Keep clear of|transparent of} hearth|fireside|fireside}.
Save you|Prevent} blisters from forming: a cushy|comfortable|at ease} gel pad prevents direct friction among|amongst} the foot and the shoe, alleviates the ache|pain} of latest|of up to date|of latest} footwear|sneakers|footwear|shoes|sneakers|footwear|shoes} grinding the foot or strolling|walking} for lengthy|long} classes|classes|categories}, and stops|and stops|and prevents} blisters.
Simple|Easy} to make use of|to make use of}}: the again|once more} of the product adopts an open layout|structure} very similar to|similar to} a butterfly wing,No contact|touch} of adhesive is needed|is wanted} whilst|at the same time as|while} the usage of|the usage of|the use of},It’s|It is} more secure|extra safe} and {extra|further} Blank|Blank}} to make use of|to make use of}},There is not any|There is no|There is no} adhesive residue whilst|at the same time as|while} the gel protects the bandage from falling off the surface|the outdoor|the outside}.
Blank|Blank}} and {protected|secure|safe|safe|safe}: blister remedy|treatment} patches can also be|will also be|can also be|can be} implemented|carried out|performed} for blistering, {extra|further} Blank|Blank}} and {protected|secure|safe|safe|safe} to give protection to|to give protection to|to protect} your accidents|injuries} clear of|transparent of} mud|dust} and dust|and dust|and dirt}
Just right|Excellent|Very good} adhesive: one stick on, Just right|Excellent|Very good} adhesive be certain|ensure that|ensure that|be certain|be sure that|ensure|ensure that|make certain that|be sure that} the shoe blister protections stay|keep} in position|position}} for an extended|a longer|a prolonged} day of labor|of work}.
Amount|Quantity}: comes with completely|totally|utterly} 264 items|items}} pads in 24 sheets, each and every|every|each} sheet {comprises|accommodates|incorporates|incorporates} 11 items|items}} in more than a few|quite a lot of|reasonably a large number of} form|shape}, sufficient|enough} so that you can|so that you could} use.