Guideline:OVER-SENSITIVITY TO INFLUENCES AND IDEAS Suppression of emotions Approximately this herb:Agrimony is tall, erect-rising perennial herbaceous plant.It’s species of roadsides, hedgebanks, dunes, chalk quarries and so forth. The culmination have crown ofspines which challenge upwards. The objectives of this flower essence:One attempts to suppress tormenting emotions, {thoughts|emotions} and an inside disquiet hiding them at the back of afa�ade of emphatic happiness and light-weight-heartedness.This Treatment for animals:Which can be oversensitive or display ordinary behaviour evoked by way of pressure.NOTE:Vibrational Essences (Bach Flower Essences) don’t substitute certified scientific help if youhave bodily sickness or illness, on the other hand they are going to supplement and lend a hand that treaent onsubtle ranges.