DenTek Comfort Fit Dental Guard Kit, 1 Count

DenTek Comfort Fit Dental Guard Kit, 1 Count Price: $21.90 (as of 26/01/2022 14:11 PST- Details)

Protect against nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism) with easy to fit dental guard
Easiest to wear night guard cushions your teeth without feeling bulky
Night guard is BPA-free, latex-free, silicone-free and does not need to be boiled


Dentek Convenience Have compatibility Dental Shield for Enamel Grinding (Bruxism) comprises Evening Guards for Decrease Enamel and a GermSheild Anti-microbial Garage Case

Sleep simple figuring out your Enamel are secure with DenTek’s Convenience-Have compatibility Dental Shield. Cushion your Enamel to give protection to towards midnight Enamel grinding with the least subject material imaginable so you’ll be able to sleep without problems.

Night guard prevents nighttime teeth grinding or bruxism

DenTek Convenience Have compatibility Dental Shield comprises Evening guards for Decrease Enamel and an antimicrobial Garage case

Comfort Have compatibility Dental Shield protects Enamel from midnight Enamel grinding
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Protect Enamel from Clenching and Grinding

Nighttime Enamel grinding, or bruxism, can wreck your Enamel and break your smile. Boil loose and entirely adjustable, the DenTek Convenience-Have compatibility Dental Shield will cut back injury to Enamel and save you noise related to grinding.

Less Bulk = Extra Comfort

DenTek Convenience Have compatibility is a no boil, in a position-to-use dental Shield. The non-cumbersome chunk pads assist to forestall your higher and Decrease Enamel from touching. By means of hanging the dental Shield over one Decrease molar pair, you get the similar stage of protection as a whole protection dental Shield.

GermSheild Anti-microbial Garage Case

Antimicrobial houses are integrated to the Garage case to inhibit the expansion of micro organism.

Use and Care

Please test your dental Shield per 30 days for put on. If one wears out, please use the bonus dental Shield incorporated. The lifetime of your DenTek Convenience-Have compatibility Dental Shield will depend on how frequently you grind and the drive of your Enamel grinding. On moderate, each and every dental Shield will have to final roughly six months or longer.In case your aren’t happy together with your Convenience-Have compatibility Dental Shield, or desire a alternative please touch DenTek’s Client Affairs division.

No Boil. Fits Instantly

Adjustable Band to suits in such a lot mouths
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The DenTek Convenience-Have compatibility Dental Shield adjusts to suit the LOWER Enamel WITHOUT the want to warmth and shape it.

There are 5 positions of adjustment on each and every facet of the dental Shield.

Slim Have compatibility Layout Makes Dressed in Dental Guards Easy
  • Easy to Fit
  • Non-bulky
  • BPA Free
  • Latex Free
  • Silicone Free

Offer protection to towards midnight Enamel grinding (bruxism) with simple to suit dental Shield
Absolute best to put on Evening Shield cushions your Enamel with out feeling cumbersome
Evening Shield is BPA-loose, latex-loose, silicone-loose and does no longer want to be boiled
Reduces injury resulting from Enamel grinding
Prevents Enamel grinding noise so that you and your spouse can sleep

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