Allow Meals Be Your Drugs and Drugs Be Your Meals – Hippocrates USDA Natural Uncooked Contemporary one hundred% Freeze-Dried Plant Originated Health A Nutritional Complement Qualified Natural by way of Oregon Tilth one hundred% Contemporary Freeze-Dried We begin and so much importantly additionally finish with one hundred% entire, Uncooked, Natural Meals. Handy powdered shape for blending with drinks and Meals or water. Celery comprises a large number of vitamins together with vessel dilating phthalides. Prime in fiber and nutrition C. We customized freeze-dry, laboratory check and bundle in our personal GMP facility. Freeze-drying is the most productive manner for maintaining the advanced chemistry, energetic enzymes and whole matrix of Meals in its Contemporary shape. No warmth, solvents or different harsh processing. Best the water has been got rid of.