Heel Cushions and Cups

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HEIGHT INCREASE INSOLES — Instantly increase your height with FOOTINSOLE’s height insoles that not only make you look taller but also boost your confidence & self-esteem, and remain discreetly concealed in your shoes!
INSTANT HEIGHT – If you are worried about your height & concerned about heel pain, simply insert these PU heel pads removable inserts, and increase your height using the detachable heel pad layers.
SPRINGY INSOLES – Comfortable, snug insoles have a damping effect that reduces foot pain resulting from Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, bone spurs, flat feet, sprains, supination, orthopedic problems & sore fatigue. Besides being effective pain-relievers, they also straighten posture of your knees & back to avoid painful problems.


HEIGHT INCREASE INSOLES — Straight away building up your peak with FOOTINSOLE’s peak insoles that no longer most effective make you glance taller but additionally spice up your trust & vainness, and stay discreetly hid to your sneakers!
INSTANT HEIGHT – If you’re concerned approximately your peak & all for heel ache, merely insert those PU heel pads removable inserts, and building up your peak the use of the removable heel pad layers.
SPRINGY INSOLES – Comfy, comfortable insoles have a damping impact that reduces foot ache due to Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, bone spurs, flat toes, sprains, supination, orthopedic issues & sore fatigue. But even so being efficient ache-relievers, additionally they straighten posture of your knees & again to keep away from painful issues.
INVISIBLE DESIGN – Beige colour of the skin & the transparent layout camouflages those comforters together with your toes within your sneakers. Appropriate for the majority sneakers varieties, the anatomic self-adhesive layout suits completely among your heel & shoes. No person will ever realize the name of the game of surprising building up to your peak.
EVEN PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION –The comfortable & convenience cushions at the heels act as surprise absorbers & similarly distribute further drive for your heels. Moreover, they provide extra balance & prevent from athletic actions, strolling, working, driving, and so on.

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