Intelex Cozy Microwavable Heatable Plush

Intelex Cozy Microwavable Heatable Plush Price: $18.00 (as of 20/01/2022 13:26 PST- Details)

Fully microwavable plush soft toy
Manufactured using only the highest quality super soft fabrics using more than 14 years experience
Filled with specially treated millet grains and dried lavender flower


Warmies Totally microwavable heatable Comfortable Plush supply soothing heat and luxury. Warmies are liked via thousands and thousands around the world. This cutting edge vary keeps to outsell all different microwavable merchandise available on the market. All of Intelex’s cushy toys are protected for every age and are made the use of best the best high quality microwave protected materials. Warmies have the best high quality Flaxseed , fragranced with the perfect dried French lavender. As this product is Totally microwavable, to heat merely position the product in a microwave oven in keeping with the instructions at the product to unencumber the splendidly stress-free lavender aroma. Intelex prides itself at the Totally microwavable side in their merchandise that do NOT require a detachable heatable internal bag. This makes the use of Intelex merchandise now not best more uncomplicated, but in addition more secure too.  Perfect to be used as a mattress hotter to assist a restful evening’s sleep, or just as an cute cushy toy. Warmies are liked via old and young alike.  Warmies assist in reduction of tension, high blood pressure, aches, pains, arthritis, chills, sinus force, migraines, bursitis, insomnia, cramps, colic, flu and tendonitis.  The burden, heat and lavender has been discovered to sooth, calm and focal point people affected by Autism and sensory processing problems. Those flexible merchandise May also be used as a chilly %; merely position in a sealed freezer bag and position within the freezer for 2 to 3 hours. Perfect for lowering temperatures, easing sprains and bruises and lowering swelling. Take care whilst taking away from the microwave oven. Don’t ingest contents. Don’t overheat. Reheat from room temperature best. For microwave use best.  Floor wash best.
Totally microwavable plush cushy toy
Synthetic the use of best the best quality tremendous cushy materials the use of greater than 14 years enjoy
Stuffed with especially handled millet grains and dried lavender flower
Wipe with damp fabric to scrub
May also be used as a chilly % via merely hanging in a plastic bag and placing it within the freezer

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