Urea 10 % Specific Foot Spray is perfect for the short care in among or to spherical off a remedy. On account of the moisturizing meals reminiscent of 10 % urea, sachharide isomerate, provitamin B5 and allantoin the outside turns into comfortable and palpably supple right away. The carbohydrate aggregate saccaride isomerate is an imitation of the human carbohydrate fraction within the pores and skin and will increase the water-binding capability ��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��_____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��_____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��____��_��__��_��___��_��__��_��_____ even of very dry pores and skin. Jojoba oil is very pores and skin-appropriate and extremely nurtures even chapped pores and skin.100ml