Light Therapy Lamp, SMY Blue Light Energy Lamp and Adjustable LED Blue Light, Tablet One Touch with Timer, 100% UV Free

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Light Therapy Lamp, SMY Blue Light Energy Lamp and Adjustable LED Blue Light, Tablet One Touch with Timer, 100% UV Free Price: $48.86 (as of 07/04/2023 20:12 PST- Details)

【LED, UV-FREE, BLUE COLOR LIGHT】The Blue Light Lamp as same effective as 10,000 lux white light lamp, mimic a bright sunny blue sky. If you can’t get outdoors or there’s not enough natural light available, this is a perfect choice to get your daily light intake.
【2 LEVELS BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTABLE】The bright lamp has 2 adjustable brightness levels controlled by a touch switch. Adjusting the brightness depending on the usage environment, allowing choosing from 50% level to 100 % level of brightness.
【AUTO SHUT-OFF TIMER】Equipped with a built-in timer, you can control the length of your light therapy session according to your needs. Time intervals can be set as 10, 20 and 30 minutes. The blue light therapy lamp fights energy dips, fatigue, and winter blues; results in just 20-30 min/day; use while reading, working.


Perfect in your place of work operating will increase Power ranges and temper that can assist you keep sharp and controls glare for final eye convenience.
1.For a regulated day-night time rhythm
2.Compact design
3.Perfect for the body of workers who keep interior operating for an extended time
4. Mainly even illumination
5.Flicker-unfastened and UV-free
6.Remedy time show in 10-mins periods(10/20/30minutes)
7.Timer with automated transfer-off(after-30min)
8.Power-saving LED technology

Type: LTL-101G-WHI
Rated Power:5W
Adapter:Enter one hundred-240V Output:5V 1A
USB Twine:1.5M, 2.5A
Subject matter:PC+ABS
Colour: Blue
Merchandise Dimension:nine.forty five*five.fifty nine*zero.71 inch
1*Mild {Therapy|Remedy} Lamp
1*AC Adapter
1*Micro USB Cable
1*Consumer Guide
Our skilled recommendation:
1.Position lamp at an perspective on your eyes (approximately forty five°). Don’t glance instantly into Mild.
2.Stay lamp 12-20 inches (30-50 cm) out of your eyes.
3.To seek out the most productive convenience/effectiveness stage together with your lamp, get started off with 50% Mild depth for 10 mins; after a couple of days, transfer to 50% for 20 mins; then 50% for 30 mins. Now you’ll test with one hundred% for 10 mins, then 20 mins, then 30 mins. Make a choice the depth/time stage that most nearly fits your blue Mild {Therapy|Remedy} targets and luxury.

Blue Mild {Therapy|Remedy} lamp has a smiliar impact on smartly-being as a sunny blue sky result in you’ve an ideal temper.
【LED, UV-FREE, BLUE COLOR LIGHT】The Blue Mild Lamp as similar efficient as 10,000 lux white Mild lamp, mimic a vibrant sunny blue sky. If you’ll’t get open air or there may be now not sufficient herbal Mild to be had, this can be a best option to get your day by day Mild consumption.
【2 LEVELS BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTABLE】The brilliant lamp has 2 adjustable brightness ranges managed via a marginally transfer. Adjusting the brightness relying at the utilization surroundings, permitting opting for from 50% stage to 100 % stage of brightness.
【AUTO SHUT-OFF TIMER】Supplied with a integrated timer, you’ll keep watch over the duration of your Mild {Therapy|Remedy} consultation in step with your wishes. Time periods can also be set as 10, 20 and 30 mins. The blue Mild {Therapy|Remedy} lamp fights Power dips, fatigue, and iciness blues; leads to simply 20-30 min/day; use at the same time as studying, operating.
【MODERN DESIGN】Moveable pad layout and suits for any table or paintings floor, blends seamlessly into your own home or place of work, as smartly elevate for trip. Position it on a nightstand to assist upward thrust you up and get started an vigorous day.
【SAFE AND BLUE LIGHT THERAPY】Non-harm – best for place of work staff who’re too stressed out, past due shifts, jet lag, insomnia, unhealthy emotional and daylight deprivation.

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