(Merchandise Quantity and Amount: UHS-SQB411642-1BOX-5EACH) Little Ones -Piece Adhesive Coupling Generation Pores and skin Barrier, Lil Ones 2Pc Bar Reduce-Are compatible 1.25 Description-Usual, with Versatile Cloth Collar, White, Stoma-1/five” – 1 1/14″ (four.8 – 31 mm), – (1 BOX, 5 EACH) – With ConvaTec’s Little Ones Ostomy Gadget, discovering the fitting ostomy Gadget is fundamental. Each and every product has been especially designed to without difficulty Are compatible a kid’s distinctive frame contours. All Little Ones merchandise are Versatile, sturdy and simple to take away so there is little pain. Folks love them as a result of they allow children get on with the trade of simply being children! five/Field. Really helpful Billing Code: A4414