The Lunette menstrual cup is the way forward for female coverage. It is your consumer-pleasant, protected, reusable, and eco-logical choice to pads and tampons. Plus, the usage of Lunette is helping you rack up just right karma issues by way of protective the surroundings and your handbag strings providing peace of thoughts and a pressure loose cycle. You might be prepared with Lunette: simply fold, insert like a tampon, and permit it do its factor. Lunette collects fluids moderately than soaking up them, retaining your awesome inside obviously lubricated and wholesome. You empty it moderately than amendment it, wash it, and reuse it. You’ll be able to by no means run out of Lunette (in contrast to tampons) as it runs round with you: in a lovely, handy pouch (if you happen to’re early) or in you, all through your cycle. Calm down, with Lunette, you’ll be able to lose the leaks, and are living your existence. Welcome to the very best length!