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Metatarsal Pads Ball of Foot Cushions – Forefoot Cushions Shoe Inserts for Man & Women – Insoles for Ball of Foot Pain… Price: $9.99 (as of 26/06/2022 11:56 PST- Details)

EFFECTIVE – Forefoot Cushions, Ball of Foot Supports are efficient to relieve Metatarsalgia, Foot Pain and provide support to ball of foot when wear uncomfortable shoes! Ball of Foot Support Cushions relieve pain and pressure related to Metatarsalgia, tendonitis, arthritis, diabetic and a variety of forefoot problems
QUALITY – Ball of Foot Cushions are made of quality soft and durable eco-friendly medical grade material being good for Mortons Neuroma and Metatarsal Foot Pain Relief.
COMFORT – Cushions for High Heel fit all shoe types, don’t give your feet an unpleasant smell, do not stick to the skin, securely fixed to the inner surface of your shoes and are easily removed.


DALIVA Co. Metatarsal Gel Pads persist with your sneakers, no longer your pores and skin, offering unsurpassed convenience and coverage from ball of foot Ache.
Cut back ball of foot Ache and save you pores and skin inflammation from sticky pads.

Neuroma Ache, due to a pinched nerve on your foot, is a painful situation that may save you you from having an lively way of life. That’s why we evolved  Metatarsal Gel Pads which create padded Toughen for the ball of your foot. Made with clinical grade silicone and padded with gel for lasting convenience, you’ll in spite of everything Are living that lively, wholesome way of life with out being concerned approximately foot Ache!

Product Main points:

Metatarsal Gel Pads (2 Percent)
Padded Cushion for the ball for the foot
Adheres on your shoe, no longer your foot
Latex Unfastened, Cleanable, Reusable
Unisex (Males and Ladies)
Click on ‘Upload to Cart’ to alleviate Ache within the ball of your foot with DALIVA Co. Metatarsal Gel Pad Cushions.

At DALIVA we attempt to give you the easiest high quality foot care therapies to be had. Our top rate foot care merchandise are produced from clinical grade fabrics to make certain that you obtain awesome merchandise on your ft. Are living an lively, balanced, Ache Unfastened way of life whilst you consider your foot care to DALIVA. Your pleasure is assured!

Other product names:
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EFFECTIVE – Forefoot Cushions, Ball of Foot Helps are environment friendly to alleviate Metatarsalgia, Foot Ache and supply Toughen to ball of foot while put on uncomfortable sneakers! Ball of Foot Toughen Cushions relieve Ache and drive associated with Metatarsalgia, tendonitis, arthritis, diabetic and various forefoot issues
QUALITY – Ball of Foot Cushions are product of high quality comfortable and sturdy eco-pleasant clinical grade subject matter being excellent for Mortons Neuroma and Metatarsal Foot Ache Reduction.
COMFORT – Cushions for Top Heel are compatible all shoe sorts, don’t supply your ft a nasty scent, don’t persist with the surface, securely mounted to the internal floor of your sneakers and are simply got rid of.
INSTANT RELIEF – Metatarsal Pads for Ladies will undoubtedly assist other folks having Mortons Neuroma, Plantar Fasciitis, Callus, Metatarsal Foot Ache or Bunions offering absolute best forefoot cushioning and relieving the unsightly sensation.
Your well being is our best precedence. It is a part of who we’re as physicians. So in case your acquire does not can help you get Again to doing what you prefer, we’re going to to find one thing else with a view to or we’re going to provide you with your a reimbursement. That is our promise that will help you Get Again to the Authentic You.

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