one hundred% Cotton, Qualified Natural, Non-chlorine bleached.
Why Natural tampons? In 1989, Natracare used to be advanced as an immediate reaction to well being and environmental considerations approximately dioxin air pollution due to chlorine bleaching, the usage of rayon in tampons and the intensive use of insecticides on conventionally grown cotton. For over 15 years, natracare has been depended on through ladies who see the great experience in creating a herbal possible choices in tampons, pads, panty liners and female wipes for his or her per month cycle. It is smart to select a tampon that may be made out of most effective Qualified Natural cotton to keep away from needless publicity to chemical residuals and synthetics. Natracare Natural cotton tampons and chemical loose pads are top quality merchandise made out of most effective natural and herbal fabrics that aren’t chlorine bleached and are freed from rayon, plastics and artificial fabrics.
Select the minimal absorbency to keep watch over your menstrual float and scale back the danger of having TSS. Absorbency levels and phrases are same old for all tampons trade-extensive.
Junior = Much less then 6 grams
Regular = 6 – 9 grams
Super = 9 – 12 grams
Super Plus = 12 – 15 grams
Ultra = 15 – 18 grams
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