Neon Nits® spray works as the overall step with any lice removing device. The Neon Nits® lice egg locator spray could be very wealthy within the fluorescent PINK colour that works neatly for darkish hair (WHITE NEON NITS works higher for blonds or purple heads), plus, it’s formulated to be very fast drying. It leaves nits coloured with a fluorescent dye method that may be uniquely patented for this goal. To paint the nits and now not the hair, the spray dries because it hits the nits and the encircling hair. On account of the original polymer construction of the nit floor, the colour temporarily adheres to the nits, however does now not strongly adhere to the hair. Because of this, a number of the colour may also be brushed out of the hair however remains at the nits. Neon Nits is assured if used as directed on label.