New-Pores and skin The Bandage That Remains On Benzethonium Chloride/First Help Antiseptic Liquid Bandage Protects Small Cuts & Wounds Antiseptic Remedy For Arduous To Quilt Spaces Versatile Seal So You Can Heal Covers & Protects Wounds Do not Allow Your Pores and skin Sluggish You Down! New Pores and skin isn’t any strange bandage. It is antiseptic, water-proof, fast-drying and versatile so you’ll get again to the motion to hand. New-Pores and skin Liquid Bandage supplies antiseptic Remedy for Arduous-to-Quilt cuts, wounds, scrapes, calluses, and dry, cracked Pores and skin. New-Pores and skin dries hastily to shape a difficult protecting Quilt that may be water evidence and assists in keeping out dust and germs at the same time as letting Pores and skin breathe. Offer protection to the Wounds You Have. Save you the Ones You Do not. Liquid Bandage Makes use of: Protects cuts and scrapes, Covers painful hangnails and chapped or cracked fingertips, Prevents and protects blisters, Is helping Save you the formation of calluses. In particular helpful for runners, athletes, dancers, hikers, bikers, bowlers, golfers, tennis avid gamers, fishermen, and musicians.