New-Pores and skin Liquid Bandagee 1.0 FL OZ bottle of liquid bandage with brush applicator. Do not allow your Pores and skin sluggish you down! New-Pores and skin Liquid Bandage is not any odd bandage. It is versatile sufficient to fit your wishes-be it an enormous scrape now or a small blister you wish to have to stop to your day-to-day operating rub. Fast-drying and water resistant, our bandages stay alongside of your lively existence and stay you transferring. New-Pores and skin supplies antiseptic remedy for laborious-to-duvet cuts, wounds, scrapes, calluses, and dry, cracked Pores and skin. New-Pores and skin Liquid Bandage dries abruptly to shape a difficult protecting duvet that is water resistant and helps to keep out grime and germs whilst letting Pores and skin breathe. Used to give protection to cuts and scrapes, save you and offer protection to blisters, duvet painful hangnails and chapped or cracked finger guidelines, and save you the components of calluses. Specifically helpful for runners, athletes, dancers, hikers, bikers, bowlers, golfers, tennis gamers, fishermen, and musicians. Use it to give protection to the injuries you have already got or to stop those you do not. New-Pores and skin Liquid Bandage is the bandage that remains on.