Nit Free Natural Shampoo (1-Gallon) Price: $13.55 (as of 05/04/2023 20:55 PST- Details)

Lice Repellent properties
essential oils
Sulfate free natural formula

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Nit Unfastened Shampoo is the primary of its sort for a herbal shampoo that may be excellent to your hair and scalp, at the same time as additionally combating lice. Nit Unfastened Shampoo is made with the very best quality of herbal merchandise and crucial oils. The result’s a sulfate Unfastened shampoo with conditioning houses, that may be nice for day-to-day use and for combating lice. Whilst used day-to-day Nit Unfastened Shampoo can held protect your hair from lice infestations through washing out any lice ahead of they’ve a metamorphosis to multiply and unfold. Nit Unfastened Shampoo is made with peppermint oil in a attempt to secure defend your scalp from long run infestation. Top of the range meals permit Nit Unfastened Shampoo to wash the hair with out leaving it oily, at the same time as it aids in detangling and brushing with the Nit Unfastened Terminator comb. It’s very best for youngsters and adults with a delicate scalp.
Lice Repellent houses
crucial oils
Sulfate Unfastened herbal formulation

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[amazon_auto_links id="73460"]