Key Feature
1.Ordinary setuped Hydrocolloid plate has just right skill of preliminary adhesiveness and protracted adhesiveness,
It is pleasant to pores and skin, no allergic and no inflammation.
Good withstand for PH price 3 to 12, and withstand for various digestive enzyme,
Under sorrect utilization, it’s protected for very long time dressed in(five-7 days)
2.The movie have just right skill of withstand the unhealthy smell, with a particular aroma,
and have just right longitudinal and transverse tear strength
3.The prime environment friendly and Different carbon clear out, can save you the intestinal fuel from leaking
4.The Velcro closure, can also be pasted firmly and tightly, additionally simple to be separated
5.The patedted layout that ring is attached tightly with company, so taht stay the hoop and the barrier at a related horization, no release
6.Different water-repellent non-woven backing material may be very comfortable and simple cleaning

1.Sooner than sticking hydrocolloid pores and skin barrier, ensure that ths pores and skin across the stoma is dry and blank,
it is best to make the outside across the stoma easy Sooner than the use of the ostomy bag and press the outside barrier for mins to strengthen the adhesive sbility
2.Please proportion the hair if there’s an excessive amount of hair round stoma,
or the ostomy unhealthy cannot sitck smartly at the pores and skin and folliculitis will occur
3.Please simplest blank the stoma from within to out of doors with lukewarm water, so no longer use disinfector,cleaning soap,or greasy detergent
4.The opening of pores and skin barrier must be 1-1.5mm larger than the stoma,
other smart bleeding of mucous membrane or pores and skin maceration will likely be caused
5.If there’s swelling for the ostomy bag,there’s an excessive amount of intestinal fuel throughout the bag, please make a few small pinholes onn the unhealthy and upload lively carbon filter
6.The ostomy bag must be saved in dry room with temperature among 15-25 levels,
it must no longer be saved in additional than 40 degress setting, wet space or fridge