Designed to take power off sore toe guidelines, Visco-GEL Hammer ToeCrutch is especially contoured to beef up claw or hammer feet, raising toe tip and relieving distal power. Cutting edge toe cushion with flat backside is helping make strolling more straightforward and extra relaxed. Cushy, further-extensive, Visco-Gel toe loop protects, hydrates and is helping melt toe-best corns even as retaining the beef up effortlessly in place. Merely slip toe separator over toe and place as wanted-underneath toe to alleviate and beef up hammer feet, or among feet to split and relieve inflammation. For perfect effects, keep away from sneakers that intrude with toe freedom. Specify dimension: (small – 12.5 mm dia.), (medium – 15 mm dia.) or (huge – 20 mm dia.). Hand wash, air dry; sprinkle with talcum powder if gel turns into cheesy.