Prestan Professional AED Trainer 4 Pack

Prestan Professional AED Trainer 4 Pack Price: $768.50 (as of 08/12/2022 06:15 PST- Details)

Spanish/English Bilingual – Easy to replace module containing current CPR guidelines and two languages.
Clear confident voice prompts. Also CPR prompts to help the student keep pace with chest compressions
Made in the USA. Now with a Three Year Warranty


The Prestan Skilled AED Teacher supplies High quality, sturdiness and affordability like no different Teacher out there. Transparent, assured voice directions that supply Simple-to-apply directions and preconfigured eventualities make coaching scholars more straightforward.

Includes (four) AED Gadgets, (four) units of grownup coaching pads, batteries for every unit, directions to be used and a wearing case. Faraway regulate is not obligatory and to be had one by one.

One Yr Guaranty.


  • English/Spanish capability
  • Includes a situation, extent regulate, and language button
  • Includes 5 scenarios
  • Pads can be utilized no less than 25-30 occasions all the way through CPR/AED classes
  • Contains a pad checking out system
  • Pads are pre-connected

Pads have an embedded ‘transfer’ within the pad which senses that the AED Teacher pads are connected to the manikin torso.

The silicone base adhesive at the pads, coupled with the froth construction, make sure Simple software & removing.

Module accommodates such a lot up to the moment pointers and language capability
When pointers modification, best the module must be changed.


  • Simulate free pad
  • Initiate “Press Deeper” all the way through CPR
  • Paues, play or stop
  • Volume, language and situation control

Compatible with any CPR manikins
Can be used to coach in each semi-computerized and completely-computerized versions
Metronome and counts upward through 10’s finishing at 30 to assist the scholar with chest compressions

ITEM # PP-AEDT-a hundred and one Unmarried Trainer
ITEM # PP-AEDT-401 4 Pack

Spanish/English Bilingual – Simple to exchange module containing present CPR pointers and languages.
Transparent assured voice activates. Additionally CPR activates to assist the scholar stay % with chest compressions
Made in america. Now with a 3 Yr Guaranty
Prestan Pad Sensing Device – Detects Pad Placement – distinctive Pad Sensing Device robotically detects while every pad is positioned at the manikin which simulates a are living AED taking into consideration a extra practical coaching magnificence.
High quality pads that remaining. Prime quality coaching pads that allows you to remaining a very long time with no less than 50-60 packages

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