PURE COPPER TONGUE CLEANERS- Set of 12 natural|herbal} copper tongue scrapers for retaining|keeping up|conserving|holding|retaining|protective|protecting} the mouth blank|blank} and save you|prevent} dangerous|bad|bad} smell|odor|odor}. The natural|herbal} copper subject material|subject material|topic subject material}} is Tremendous|Tremendous}} strong|sturdy|tough} and can|and will} ultimate|final|final|{last|final|closing|remaining}|{remaining|final|last|closing}} you an entire life|a life-time|an entire life}.
MADE IN INDIA- High quality|Top quality} tongue scrapers made in India for absolute best|absolute best|easiest|absolute best} conceivable|easiest|very best|best} oral healthcare. Day by day|Day-to-day|Daily} use of the tongue scraper gets rid of|eliminates|gets rid of}} the coating at the|at the}} tongue, prevents dangerous|bad|bad} breath and helps to keep|helps to keep|keeps} your mouth wholesome|healthy}.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN- Efficient|Environment friendly} and simple|simple} to make use of|to use}. Designed for relaxed|comfy|comfortable|at ease} and fast|speedy} oral cleansing|cleaning}.
NO CUTS AT ALL- Manufactured from|Created from|Product of|Fabricated from|Product of} thick subject material|subject material|topic subject material}} to forestall|to prevent|to prevent} any cuts and nicks.
FRESH AND CLEAN MOUTH- Tremendous|Tremendous}} clean|blank}|simple}} floor|flooring} glides simply|simply|merely|temporarily} at the|at the}} tongue and gets rid of|eliminates|gets rid of}} buildup successfully|effectively}.