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Scare off lice safely. 100% pure essential oils smell great to people but not to Cooties!
Sulphate Free, Phthalate Free, Paraben Free, DEA Free, Soy Free, No Synthetic Fragrances, Cruelty Free, Vegan, MEA Free, TEA Free, Dairy Free.
Complete Lice Prevention Kit: 8oz. Scootie-Cootie Everyday Shampoo; 8oz. Scootie-Cootie Leave-In Conditioner & Detangler; 2oz. Scootie-Cootie Nontoxic Spray/Shield (for hair, clothing, bedding) and Quality Metal Nit Comb


Happyheads® Scootie-Cootie® Head Lice Prevention Circle of relatives Package

Knowledge is energy and prevention is essential! Happyheads® Circle of relatives Prevention Package comes with Nice knowledge to battle lice, plus the equipment to achieve success. Package contains an On a regular basis Prevention Shampoo, Go away-In Conditioner and Detangler and Riskless Spray/Defend. All infused with one hundred% natural very important oils. PLUS, A FREE Steel Nit Comb to test for nits.

Smells Nice! Made with secure foods and no Artificial fragrances.

How to Use:

Everyday Shampoo will have to be carried out liberally and delivered to an entire lather. Keep away from eyes. Rinse totally. Go away-in Conditioner & Detangler may also be carried out to rainy or dry hair. Quilt face and Follow liberally. Comb hair beginning on the scalp and slowly convey the comb to the ends. Follow the  Non-poisonous Spray/Defend to hair, apparel, bedding and backpacks. Steel Nit Comb can be utilized weekly to test for lice and nits: Separate hair into small sections and run the nit comb via every segment. Wipe comb on a white paper towel and read about for nits and insects.

Scare off lice appropriately. one hundred% natural very important oils odor Nice to other people however to not Cooties!
Sulphate Loose, Phthalate Loose, Paraben Loose, DEA Loose, Soy Loose, No Artificial Fragrances, Cruelty Loose, Vegan, MEA Loose, TEA Loose, Dairy Loose.
Entire Lice Prevention Package: 8oz. Scootie-Cootie On a regular basis Shampoo; 8oz. Scootie-Cootie Go away-In Conditioner & Detangler; 2oz. Scootie-Cootie Riskless Spray/Defend (for hair, apparel, bedding) and High quality Steel Nit Comb
Happyheads Scootie-Cootie Head Lice Prevention Circle of relatives Package-Leaves hair blank, comfortable, tangle-Loose and smelling Nice-to everybody apart from lice!
Made in america

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