Soulgenie(TM) Superior Enema Bulb – Non-Synthetic, Natural Rubber Latex (Infant (4 Ounce))

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Soulgenie(TM) Superior Enema Bulb – Non-Synthetic, Natural Rubber Latex (Infant (4 Ounce)) Price: $6.25 (as of 22/11/2020 23:21 PST- Details)

Superior Bulb; Natural; Eco Friendly – Made of thick natural and durable Rubber – Dark Red Color
Easy, Self-learn Squirt mechanism – good enema cleanse
Wider Mouth for Easy fill unlike other bulbs; Easy press-fit mechanism – no leaky screw system


The Enema Bulb is a to hand software to scrub the colon. This can be a shorter model of the enema procedure. It’s perfect for a fast, Simple, “no-setup-required” colon cleanse or douche with out an excessive amount of water. It is extremely to hand. Appropriate for low quantity enemas regularly used to scrub the decrease a part of the colon (the rectum). However, it might simply be hooked up to a colon tube if you wish to ship the liquid upper up within the colon. It’s constituted of Herbal rubber latex that is an eco-Pleasant choice to artificial derivatives out there. PACKAGED DISCREETLY with the nozzle inverted & tucked into the bulb for protection. Merely take out the nozzle and switch round ahead of the usage of.
Awesome Bulb; Herbal; Eco Pleasant – Fabricated from thick Herbal and sturdy Rubber – Darkish Purple Colour
Simple, Self-be informed Squirt mechanism – excellent enema cleanse
Wider Mouth for Simple fill not like different bulbs; Simple press-have compatibility mechanism – no leaky screw gadget
Clean, White nozzle – won’t hurt; Discreetly packaged to steer clear of embarrassment
Accurately packaged – Nozzle tucked in “inverted” place. Merely pull out and turn over ahead of use

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