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Stomacloak | Ostomy Bag Cover | Odor Reducing (Beige, 1.75 Regular) Price: $29.95 (as of 31/01/2023 13:41 PST- Details)

Odor Control – StomaCloak adsorbs odor molecules! StomaCloak’s exclusive technology aggressively changes the odor molecule; so instead of concealing ostomy bag odors it completely removes the odor.
Leak Prevention – Your StomaCloak is the initial protection against leaks. StomaCloak fits completely around your appliance bag with its envelope enclosure. Should something happen to your appliance (such as a clip or spigot failure) this amazing cover gives you time to get to the restroom before you have a mess on your clothes.
Keeps Skin Healthy – Skincare / healthy skin around the area of your ostomy is extremely important for long-term health. StomaCloak has placed molecular agents within its covers; exclusively designed to avoid unhealthy skin as well as wicking away moisture. When comfortably wearing a StomaCloak, you can be confident that your skin will stay healthy!


About StomaCloak

StomaCloak | Ostomy Pouch and Bag Duvet is a good way to hide the contents of your ostomy bag. It’s scientifically evolved to supply extra advantages than the everyday ostomy pouch Duvet. Mixing a graceful layout with way of life converting era, StomaCloak will give you reassurance that your ostomy pouch will glance, really feel and scent just right on a daily basis.

Designed with a mixture of probably the most upgraded fabrics and era; this mixture adjustments Smell inflicting molecules, so Smell is totally got rid of and no longer simply masked. The light-weight, one hundred% system wash and dry, lengthy lasting/reusable pouch Duvet are made with sturdy cotton/polyester mix material and suits Such a lot best pouch producers. StomaCloak is comfortable in opposition to the surface, comfy to put on and simple to maintain with efficient deodorizing motion. The deodorizing ostomy pouch Duvet was once created to make residing with a stoma more straightforward.

Smell Regulate – StomaCloak adsorbs Smell molecules! StomaCloak’s unique era aggressively adjustments the Smell molecule; so as an alternative of concealing ostomy bag odors it utterly gets rid of the Smell.
Leak Prevention – Your StomaCloak is the preliminary coverage in opposition to leaks. StomaCloak suits utterly round your equipment bag with its envelope enclosure. Must one thing occur for your equipment (akin to a clip or spigot failure) this superb Duvet will give you time to get to the restroom earlier than you’ve gotten a large number in your garments.
Assists in keeping Pores and skin Wholesome – Skin care / Wholesome Pores and skin across the space of your ostomy is terribly vital for long term well being. StomaCloak has positioned molecular retailers inside of its covers; completely designed to steer clear of dangerous Pores and skin in addition to wicking away moisture. While effortlessly dressed in a StomaCloak, you’ll be assured that your Pores and skin will keep Wholesome!
Moisture Regulate – Moisture on or round your plastic ostomy pouch can generate a number of issues. The principle factor you do not need to stumble upon is the existence of moisture loosening the glue or glue-like fabrics adhering the bag for your stomach. StomaCloak is easiest for wicking away moisture allowing your apparatus to stick in position. StomaCloak is created to suit completely with lively life akin to swimming, operating and showering with trust. Merely pat your ostomy pouch dry, slip you
Noise Relief – Such a lot ostomy sufferers are neatly conscious about the crunchy sounds the plastic pouch makes. StomaCloak softens the sound with its comfortable, swish, comfy material, allowing not anything however convenience and trust on your existence!

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