one hundred|one hundred}}% Herbal|Natural}, one hundred|one hundred}}% Vegan, one hundred|one hundred}}% Natural}}!
No Fluoride, No GMO, No SLS!
Peppemint Oil extracts provide|provide|provide} it a great|an excellent|a really perfect|a in reality best|a super|a very good} icey mint fresh|contemporary} flavour
Coconut Oil provides|supplies|provides} it a clean|blank|simple} buttery really feel|in reality really feel}} and is helping|helps} to bond the Activated Charcoal molecules to go away|to leave|to leave} enamel|teeth|teeth} additional|additional|additional} white.
This efficient|environment friendly} method|formula|manner|parts|gadget} additionally|moreover} options|choices} baking soda and the Herbal|Natural} anti-septic homes|properties|homes} of Tea Tree Oil.