As it is, everyone has been exposed to some sort of literature. But only those who are comfortable with it can enjoy it well enough to start appreciating its value.

It is undeniable that novels are a part of the actual existence of man. They are a part of our existence as readers. And reading good novels for a long time can have a big effect on the mind of the reader.

The human mind is programmed to absorb information, to hold it and to distribute it. In order to make sure that he has assimilated all the possible information he has heard or read, the mind composes a sum of information about everything. It makes it easier for him to digest the amount of information given to him through books.

Another advantage of books is their materiality. Books are tangible in the sense that they make things real and to be identified with. For example, during medieval times, books had stories about castles built by kings or queens, about wars fought by heroes, about people living on the average or how some people overcome in order to win. So, it would be easy for the readers to identify what they want to read as in this way, all these experiences are easily placed in one book.

So, while reading books and magazine articles in a college or university, we could see how textbooks, journals, etc. have stories about their subjects and at the same time, it will help the readers to feel that he is involved in those events, since he can visualize the activities happening in the book.

Computer programs and software like engineering designs, computer programming, etc. usually involve facts, examples, and figures. They also give examples of how the different aspects of an engineering design should be considered, so that the designer may then apply it to the problem at hand. These are examples of how a literary writing can offer. But, when it comes to literary writing, we must understand that it is not just technical articles or technical forms. In the literature of a writer, you find images that make it seem more real and much more genuine. It is true that the viewers will not take everything literally, but what he or she will get from these images is a feeling that could be hard to find any other way.

The basic idea of many literary works, stories and books can be found in the words we hear in foreign countries. When you hear someone speaking in French, Spanish, English, German, etc., you get a feeling that you are there and that the conversation is actually happening with you. And this feeling you have will stay with you, even if you never really participate in the conversation.

Travel writers also use images and stories in their books. You get images of landscapes, sea coasts, mountains, tourist spots, seas, etc. which make it feel like you are there, even if you never travel outside your city.

With the release of travel literature, the public is also accustomed to traveling to see natural wonders, waterfalls, national parks, etc. And novels can now even be made that travel like, by taking into account the most ordinary places one can come across. As an example, a literary work on family vacations can be made up of the more ordinary things like a family in the market, a guy in a store, a woman washing clothes and cleaning the house, etc.

Traveling with family and friends can be made a part of literature, because it can be said that literature has made it very possible to share our world with others. Because of their modern technology, almost everyone has access to the internet and almost everyone can travel anywhere in the world. A piece of literature, that expresses the memories of the past or the future, can be a book, or a magazine article, a lecture, a recording, a film or aphotograph, a video, a document, etc.

Literary works should not be forgotten because of the fact that they may lack the visual element that can get in the way of reading the text properly. As mentioned earlier, the reader will not allow the sounds or sight to intrude on his mental activity, but he will definitely allow the image to intrude on his mental activity and be absorbed by it.

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