Ayahuasca Ceremony is the combination of some activities like drinking, dancing and singing, counselling with shamans, taking part in community works in deep jungle of north Amazon basin. This has been performed as rituals over thousands of years by the indigenous people of Amazon rainforest, where the life of people is heavily dependent upon trees and plants available.

The main part of Ayahuasca ceremony is drinking a thick brown brew made from Caapi, a vine that is only found in the rainforest. It is blended with plant leaves that has psychedelic effects to enhancethe visual and auditory capabilities.It is drunk for healing purposes. Over the years this spiritual herbal medicine has gained popularity among the western people, who want to wake up the inner spirit lying within themselves. As more visitors attending the Ayahuascaceremony and having positive experience in their minds and bodies and thereafter expressing it through the online reviews made later, the more western people are flocking to different Ayahuasca retreat centers scattered across the Amazonian rainforest of Peru and Ecuador. Ayahuasca Ceremony

Ayahuasca Ceremony

You should come to Ayahuasca ceremony with an open mind to gladly accept the gift of Ayahuasca. Your experience may be unpleasing for the first few hours, but as the program progresses, you will find it enjoyable to eat, drink, sing, sleep and roaming around the temple in a group during the Ayahuasca ceremony.

During the Ayahuascaceremony, a number of activities are performed in a sequence like- first of all everyone settlesdown and follow the instructions on how to move in a circle. Then the shaman starts the opening prayer, seeking protection for the Ayahuascaceremony, calling in the energy of good spirit, praying for everyonepresent in the ceremony. Everyone has to concentrate on their determination and intention during this prayer.Next, everyone is served with the medicine.

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To have the better taste of the tea shaman may offer you some food items that makes the tea sweet. Then ayahuasca shamans start to sing with a hope to bring in the energy of the medicine. An astonishing tranquility prevails in as the Ayahuasca ceremony continues. The medicine may take an hour maximum to enter your body. As soon as the medicine starts to work, you may be forced purge in the form of vomiting,diarrhea, having tears, yawning, quickbreathing. This is actually release of old energy. Unfortunately people attending the ceremony for the first time may find it nervous. But don’t be afraid. Our friendly shamans and support staffs are there to take care for all of you individually.

If you need another cup of tea then you are served instantly. It’s unlimited for you. But think twice! It’s a strong medicine! After things have been stabled and everyone’s journey has reached the destination, the shaman begins the ending prayer for the water. Everyone has a glass of water to drink at this time.As the Ayahuasca Ceremony comes to an end, all are served with a buffet of healthy food and plenty of drinking water. Everyone present there becomes lively again by enjoying music and laughter. Everyone find themselves light-hearted, relieved and excited by their own journey. Thus they realizes what an Ayahuasca ceremony actually is!

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