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Ayahuasca Retreat Peru, a name echoing deep respect and honor among the Ayahuasca users coming to the deep Amazonian rainforest of Peru to have the healing by means of a thick brown brew made from the mixture of sacred plants. This psychedelic brew are made from the vine of Banisteriopsiscaapi,mixed with the leaves containing dimethyltryptamine (DMT) such as ‘Chacruna’. People drinks this indigenous medicinal drinks with a view to replacing the old, negative, odd energies of the body that is holding oneself behind, by a new, fresh and positive energy to show the beauty of the life and nature surrounding him.

Ayahuasca Retreat Peru

It is called Ayahuasca Retreat Peru, because the process of retreating oneself from the previous physical and mental suffering like trauma, insomnia, agony and depression by empowering the inner entity with a fresh mind and energy, where he or she would discover a new world full of positive attitude to and from him. Peru is the epicenter of the ritual process, which is being exercised over almost 5000 years. People of the western world has come across the retreat process since the 19th century.
Ayahuasca Retreat Peru is truly Amazonian having the inception at the foot of Andes Mountainenriched by the shamanic knowledge of shipibo people over thousands of years. These tribal people of upper Amazon basin has acquired the supreme knowledge in herbal medicine by through devotion and intentness, which is passed through the generation. It’s a part of their religion to respect, abide by the rules of and drinking the Ayahuasca brew with utmost faith. Ayahuasca Retreat Peru

There is an increasing number of Ayahuasca retreat centers in Cusco regions, in the neighborhood of Pucallpa. But Iquitos has the most number of renowned retreat centers because of its surrounded by the river and thick rainforest, the availability of daily necessary items required by the tourists.

Benefits of Ayahuasca DMT

The whole process of Ayahuasca Retreat Peru performed by the authentic experienced shamans amid the sacred environment of indigenous temple named ‘Maloka’ in the lap of Mother Nature where everything- ranging from water, air, foods and drinks are fresh and pure. The deity environment of thick forest helps to purify your inner entity by the sacred medicine that the nature has nourished over thousands of years for the well being of mankind.


People from the outside world find the Ayahuasca Retreat Peru, so much pleasing and effective that they return to the retreat centers for a number of times to purify their mind and body, to free their soul from the grip of evil power, to lead a better life in upcoming days.

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