Beurer Electric Lice Comb Chemical Free, Non Invasive Treatment for Removing & Detecting Head Lice Louse & Nits, Great… Price: $27.76 (as of 10/04/2023 21:47 PST- Details)

SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR PARENTS: An easy to use, one-button operation helps in easily detecting & freeing lice & nits from the hair & scalp. The unit includes a cleaning comb, protection cap & batteries.
HOW IT WORKS: The Lice Comb is designed to remove the lice/louse by using an electrical current upon contact to safely & gently remove the lice once detected. The HT15 is non-invasive & pain-free
CHEMICAL FREE: The Lice Comb is a chemical-free alternative for removing head lice and nits – ensuring no harsh chemicals are being used in the removal process.

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The Beurer HT15 Electrical Lice Comb is a straightforward, ache loose strategy to taking out lice/louse & nits (lice eggs) from the scalp with out the will of harsh chemical compounds. Relax confident that once the HT15 comes into touch with a louse, it gets rid of it thru an electrical impulse which correctly, & painlessly, zaps it. 

Having a kid come house from faculty with lice is each figure’s nightmare. That is why the Beurer HT15 features a one-button operation. Merely flip the brush on, & start combing throughout the affected scalp to in an instant kill any lice or nits. The tool is delicate at the scalp & is secure to make use of on little toddlers & youngsters. 

Great for Pets
The HT15 additionally works Nice on pets who’re suffering from fleas. Merely insert the batteries, that are integrated, & get started combing your puppy.  

What You Will have to Recognise Approximately Head Lice:

  1. Who will also be suffering from head lice?
    Everyone will also be suffering from head lice, no longer simply youngsters. In reality, the infestation of head lice isn’t correlated with a loss of hygiene. 
  2. How do you get head lice?
    Lice can neither fly no longer soar, lice move slowly. Lice are transmitted thru direct touch with an individual who’s already affected (as an example sharing a towel or different pieces which were in touch with lice). 
  3. Who Will have to be tested for lice?
    If you recognize in regards to the presence of lice to your neighborhood take a look at all members of the family once or more every week, & notify your mates or different folks. 
  4. Why is it essential to in an instant hit upon the presence of lice?
    Immediately detecting the presence of lice makes it more uncomplicated to take away them as they’re found in lesser numbers. Moreover, lice are much less likley to be transmitted to different members of the family or friends. 

Use of electrical present to securely cast off lice/nits
Chemical loose solution
Includes cleansing brush
Includes protecting cap
Includes batteries
Product dimensions: 6.2 x 1.5 x 2 inches

SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR PARENTS: A very simple to make use of, one-button operation is helping in simply detecting & releasing lice & nits from the hair & scalp. The unit features a cleansing comb, coverage cap & batteries.
HOW IT WORKS: The Lice Comb is designed to take away the lice/louse by means of the usage of an electrical present upon touch to securely & lightly cast off the lice as soon as detected. The HT15 is non-invasive & ache-loose
CHEMICAL FREE: The Lice Comb is a chemical-loose selection for taking out head lice and nits – making sure no harsh chemical compounds are getting used within the removing procedure.
DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL: Durably made with stainless-steel, the high-quality-enamel comb is straightforward to wash and sterilize so it may be utilized by the entire circle of relatives. Nice to be used on little toddlers and small children.
ACOUSTIC SIGNAL: An acoustic sign is made whilst the brush is available in touch with the top lice or nits (lice eggs).
GREAT FOR PETS: The Lice Comb is superb for fogeys – together with the ones of hairy animals! Our Lice Comb works neatly and is acceptable for canines and cats.
WE’RE HERE FOR YOU: Our pleasant Florida based totally crew is worked up to lend a hand you with no matter what questions and strengthen you may also want. That is proper, our customer support is situated proper right here in america!

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