(Merchandise Quantity and Amount: UHS-COL2655-1BOX-10EACH) Coloplast Moldable Strip Paste, Ostomy Strip Paste 2 ouncesPackaging-2 oz. (fifty seven g) Strips in Field of 10, – (1 BOX, 10 EACH) – Peristomal pores and skin may have creases and folds that make it tricky to create a good seal among the stoma and an ostomy equipment. Moldable Strip Paste supplies a good seal by means of filling in those cracks at the same time as protecting the outside in opposition to stoma output by means of lowering the chance of pores and skin maceration. Molds into a number of shapes that comply with frame contours, deep pores and skin folds and fistulas to create an excellent floor for a greater have compatibility. Complicated, no-sting method will increase product put on time, maximizes trust and safety, and is alcohol-unfastened. Unmarried-strip packaging with protecting movie for much less waste and simple utility. Beneficial Billing Code: A4406