GlucanPro 3000 Oat Beta Glucan Occlusive Ointment is a burn and wound cream made with oat beta-glucan that bureaucracy an occlusive barrier over the web site to carry moisture and prohibit warmth loss. The ointment holds moisture to lend a hand the frame heal, and reduce ache and scarring. The consistency of GlucanPro 3000 supplies protection that continues to be in position, making it efficient for Arduous to hide Spaces and put up-resurfacing Tactics. It supplies a humid therapeutic atmosphere with the related advantages of Beta-Glucan. Analysis has proven Beta-Glucan to be a superb organic reaction modifier, which stimulates the macrophage task and promotes fast wound therapeutic Signals: – Partial Thickness Burns – Donor Web sites – Facial Burns – Arduous to Duvet Spaces – Outpatient Burn Control – Pores and skin Resurfacing Tactics – Lacerations – Pores and skin Ulcerations Extra Knowledge Instructions to be used: Blank the affected house in keeping with the usual medical observe Practice GlucanPro 3000 liberally to the affected house For highest results Practice once imaginable put up-damage If preferred, Duvet with a non-stick bandage, wrap or position a cumbersome dressing over the affected house GlucanPro 3000 must be carried out 1-three times day by day till re-epithialization has took place Presently a much less occlusive cream comparable to GlucanPro Cream can be used Warnings: For exterior use best Steer clear of touch with the eyes Meant for unmarried affected person, a couple of makes use of If situation worsens or if person reviews any undesired results, prevent the use of GlucanPro 3000 and seek the advice of doctor Don’t use GlucanPro 3000 if person is delicate to any of its foods Don’t use this drugs if person has had an hypersensitivity to this product If the wound does no longer enhance or there are any Indicators of an infection, name well being care supplier Indicators of an infection would possibly come with: build up in redness, swelling, ache, drainage from the wound, fever or chills