MulleinGarlic Ear DropsMullein/Garlic Ear Drops FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Helps center ear well being. Acts as a steady bacteriostatic agent, reduces ache and assists in balancing the ear acidity/alkalinity ratio.IngredientsMullein flower, Garlic (recent cloves and oil), in a base of Olive oil and Diet E.Recommended Use As a nutritional complement Heat the oil to frame temperature, placed 1-four drops in each and every ear, insert sterile cotton in each and every ear to forestall dripping. Repeat each six hours. Or as directed by way of your healthcare skilled.Warnings: Stay out of achieve of youngsters. As with every nutritional dietary supplements, seek the advice of your healthcare skilled ahead of use. See product label for more info. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Don’t use in ears with perforated eardrums.